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Yoga and Meditation Facilitator
Psychology Ph. D. Yoga AU Registered Teacher, TCTSY-F


Kathie's graduate research (University of Canterbury NZ, and Yale University USA) examined how emotional experiences change our brain. Specifically, she studied the molecular, neuronal, and brain systems that underlie our ability to associate feelings of fear with environmental events and stimuli. This is known as classical fear conditioning; a form of memory consolidation, which is also also sometimes referred to as brain plasticity. 

After obtaining her doctorate in 2009 she spent 8 years working as a research academic. In her postdoctoral work she examined how early life environmental factors linked to schizophrenia development can change adult brain functioning and behavior. She has held research positions in New Zealand (University of Canterbury, and Otago), the USA (Yale University), and in Australia (The University of Queensland) as well as lecturing positions in New Zealand (The University of Canterbury, and Otago) and the USA (Qunnipiac University).


In her yoga teaching she draws on her years of psychology research experience, she pairs this with eastern yoga philosophy and more recent research on body-based therapy for mental health and enhanced emotional well-being.

Kathie started practicing yoga in 2008, it was through her own experience and exposure to yoga and meditation research that she discovered the power of yogic practices for psychological well-being. 

She began teaching yoga in 2016 and with her 350 hr teaching accreditation transitioned to full-time in 2018.  

During that time she received Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator certification (TCTSY-F) through the Center for Trauma and Embodiment at the Justice Research Institute (MA, USA). This is a comprehensive 300 hr training program that uses empirically validated methods proven effective as an adjunct treatment for psychological trauma. She is currently only 1 of 7 that are accredited in Queensland to facilitate this form of trauma sensitive yoga. Her TCTSY-F training complements her years of research on fear memory consolidation. 

Kathie has over 18 years of experience in psychology research, over a decade of yoga experience, and more than 600 hr in yoga teacher training. She understands how powerful emotional memories can be and their influence on behavior, and the benefits of empirically validated yogic methods.

Kathie understands that yogic principles and positive psychology can have a major influence beyond assisting those that have experience trauma. She also advocates the use of yogic methods and positive psychology as a way for people to increase mental well-being so they can flourish.  

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