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Our mission at Ivy Yoga is to use yoga to support and uplift mental health and well-being

Yoga is a meditation and body-based practice that incorporates the body, mind, and spirit.

Many yogic techniques have been scientifically proven as a complementary alternative medicine for the treatment of a range of psychological and health issues including complex trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. 

Furthermore, yogic practices have been shown to increase general well-being by increasing feelings of relaxation, joy, peace, self awareness, self-efficacy, and improving sleep quality.

Ivy yoga has been developed out of Kathie background in psychology and the evidence-based benefits of yoga for mental health and wellness.

All of our classes at Ivy Yoga incorporate a somatic or body-based aspect. With regards to psychological health, this serves to develop a sense of connection and safety in ones body, which in turn can aid in emotional regulation in the present moment. With regards to mental well-being, embodied practices help ground one in the present moment facilitating a sense of mental calm and awareness.  

At Ivy Yoga we emphasise an invitational style of practice. This means options are given and each individual is empowered to deepen their practice by investigating what these options mean for them. There are no hands-on adjustments. However, as a facilitator, Kathie is present to support individuals. 

There are currently two broad scopes of class styles at Ivy yoga.

1) Those that utilise yogic practices that have been proven to support those that have experienced psychological trauma.

2. Classes that have been developed to assist individuals to rest and restore both physically and mentally so that they may flourish in their daily life.

Through yoga and meditation practices, we can evolve a positive relationship with ourselves, increase mental clarity, develop a sense of calm, and enhance well-being. 

What's in a name? 

The name Ivy Yoga was born out of the plant's symbolism and serves to guide some of our core values.  

The spiraling nature of the way ivy grows is thought to be symbolic of the spiral of the self. Spiraling inward and outward, seeking self-discovery while being supported by outward influences.

Its interweaving and connectedness with the external environment can symbolism friendship- the uniting and linking with others, the twist and turns of healthy relationships and communities. These are supportive but yet offer an opportunity for individual growth and expansion.

Another tribute of ivy is its ability to grow in challenging environments. One of its most well-known characteristics is the ability to bounce back and persevere. This is much like the human spirit and the strength that we all inherently possess.