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By Dr Kathie Overeem



Ivy yoga offers specialised yoga based classes and courses that focus on mental health and wellness. Our sessions incorporate evidence-based yogic techniques that are proven beneficial for psychological disorders such as complex trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and depression. We also offer sessions that utlise yogic methods scientifically proven to support general well-being by decreasing stress, improving self-awareness, self-efficacy, sleep, mental calm, and focus. 

Yoga Classes

All of our classes incorporate somatic, body-based, practices. The yoga postures we include are gentle with chair-based options if preferred.  

We currently offer three different class types: 

Yoga for mental well-being, trauma-sensitive yoga, and iRest (integrative restoration yoga nidra).

Community Events

One of our primary goals at Ivy Yoga is to provide a sense of support and community. In addition to our yoga classes, we will be organising guest speakers and seminars on topics relevant to healing from emotional trauma through to personal growth using positive psychology.




For those that would like to learn how to use embodied yogic techniques to develop mental wellness. These 90 min (Jan 2020) and 60 min (Feb 2020) sessions will incorporate yoga postures, breath practices, meditation techniques, and positive psychology.

Classes will focus on hatha and yin styles of practice, these are accessible styles of yoga that facilitate a calm state of mind while offering a sense of physical alignment and relaxation. Breath and meditation practice will be used to develop a sense of mental calm, clarity, and focus. The goal of these classes is to increase psychological well-being.


Adhering to TCTSY methodology empirical proven as an adjunct treatment for complex emotional trauma. 

These sessions are for those that have experienced emotional trauma or adversity in their life. Yogic practices are used to support a positive relationship with your body and strengthening the connection with the present moment.

Private and group sessions are available. The number of participants is strictly limited to 12 in groups sessions. Group sizes for organisations and services that book this service are at the discretion of the organisation. 


iRest is a form of meditation that has been proven supportive as a treatment for PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Additional research has shown that it is beneficial for chronic pain, daily stress, and can improve sleep quality.

In these 60 min sessions we will start with a 15 min yoga practice followed by a 45 min iRest practice. 

The iRest session will be run by Patricia Martyn the director at the Trauma Therapy Centre. Patricia is a registered psychologist (Au and NZ) and certified iRest teacher. 


Join us for an open class suitable for all levels as we raise funds for a local charity. Here you will have the opportunity to experience practices that will be on offer by Kathie, including a 1-hour invitational style yoga practice, breath work, and meditation. After our practice, you are welcome to join us for food and drink refreshments and a meet and greet to answer questions and enjoy time with others in your community.


These sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual. The sessions can include trauma sensitive yoga and/or yoga for mental well-being. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss how we could design individual sessions to suit you you.